Man has been fascinating with sex ever since. Anyone who tries to delineate a historical outline of some phenomenon writes that it have been accompanying man from his earliest days, but we rarely have irrefutable certainty that this is the matter. However, man has had to be interested in sex indeed from the beginning at least to the same extent as in food, because otherwise we would not be on the world today. It is difficult to see a more expressive proof.

Nevertheless, animals are also passionate about sex what could be easily observed, as well as could be proved in the no less conclusive manner than we have done it in the case of man. Therefore, what does it imply from the fact that the matter common to all living beings possessing the sexes have got into the hands of the thinking being, was exposed to acting of intelligence? Has there appeared in this way a new quality in the biological life? As the representatives of the species with proud nicknamesapiens”we believe it is. But, is this pretension justified?

We will try to reach the essential mysteries of eroticism, hoping that your fascination, Dear Reader, this topic has not expired and you will keep us a step in the journey across this amazing realm.

We do not write a scientific work. In this book, we look at the results of scientists’ research. Yet, science does not provide the absolute truths, the mandatory ones, but it provides only such statements that – among the all possible to formulate at the particular stage of knowledgeare the most likely, the most reliable, nearest the truth. Science equips us with the most reliable knowledge amid the all existing in a certain historical period. As we shall see, many areas remain still unexplored creating a kind of "white spots" in the atlas of our knowledge. Many statements are only hypotheses, only reasonable assumptions that require verification and proofs.

 There where no certainties, we will allow ourselves for a greater freedom of considerations, freedom which perhaps could not fit to scholars remaining in a tight circle of the accumulated empirical evidence, within borders of the famous, Adam Mickiewicz’s "slide and eye". But, does not an initial idea precede any subsequent achievements? Since the times of such great popular science authors in the field of biology and evolution as Dröscher Vitus or Desmond Morris there has become the acknowledged privilege of the authors to offer also their own interpretations of facts, their suggesting of solutions. So, we will try to propose some hypotheses or suggestions, too. Perhaps it will pave the way that science to follow or maybe we only risk incurring fairly justifiable criticism for being too reckless. This first may be an exciting, even detective adventure, in which we will tread found footsteps to reach out solving a puzzle. And, for this adventure we invite You, Dear Reader. In the second caseeverything we take just on our own responsibility.


A translation form Polish