The list of figures

  1. The social organization of anthropoid.
  2. Second Model of social limited space.
  3. Third The area of bonobo male genital.
  4. Swelling of the vagina in the female bonobo in oestrus.
  5. Anal-genital area of female bonobos in oestrus.
  6. Hypothetical appearance of Ardi.
  7. The main species of Australopithecus.
  8. One of the vision of the appearance of Australopithecus afarensis.
  9. The periods of occurrence of the main species of human.
  10. The traditional model of female sexual response.
  11. Female sexual response cycle by R. Basson.
  12. Circumcision of boys in ancient Egypt.
  13. Venus figurine with Dolní Vestonice (Czech Republic).
  14. Figure of Artemis - the temple at Ephesus.
  15. Rock painting from Chauvet Cave (France).
  16. Odysseus and Penelope, terracotta relief.
  17. The three-factorial model of love by R. Sternberg.
  18. The model of love by B. Wojciszke (modified).
  19. Aphrodite of Knidos.
  20. Figurine of the Goddess-Mother of ÇatalhÖyük.
  21. Fragment of relief (a vase from Inandik).
  22. Drawing from the Papyrus of Turin.

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Jerzy Adam Kowalski

Homo eroticus

How was been risen human sexuality