Table of contents


Sex of our cousins  

How it all began 
Chimpanzees' „team game"  
Other apes prefer "solo"  
What about the baboons?  
In searching of a model  

Sexuality of the first hominins  

Who was the first?  
How "it" did ardipithecs  
Some remarks on sexuality of ardipithecs  

  • Broad understanding of sexual dimorphism

  • How did males provide foods to female

  • Men's sexual apparatus

  • Why do we hide of ovulation in women

  1. What happened to the female genital swelling
  2. The declining of olfactory in both sexes
  3. Female genitals exposed
  • Problems with breasts

The superiority of polygamy over monogamy

An Australopithecus era

Between a harem and a monogamy
The new sexual ornament

  • Air conditioning for „hunter-marathoner"
  • Nudity as a sexual ornament
  • What inform us lice
  • Two types of nudity
  • Men's facial hair very desirable

Social organization of Australopithecus

Towards the man

Homo conquesting the world

  • As Homo became the sapiens one
  • The benefits of the crossing of species
  • The legacy of hominins

Fire in the evolution and culture

  • Fire and intelligence
  • Fire and social life

The Paleolithic sexual revolutions

The total sexual receptivity

  • How "it" do bonobos
  • The female receptivity
  • Two types of women excitability
  • Why did we have so much sex?
  • Women's sexual Rivalry
  • Underestimated men's sexual receptivity

Hidden treasure of a woman - a treasure of humanity
Sexual ornament in full

  • The benefits of a breast
  • A mysterious mouth

The young and long-lived ones

A newly socialized sex

Hunter-gatherer communities
Fortunes and misfortunes of youth

  • An initiation of boys
  • An initiation of girls
  • The youth rehabilitated

The beginnings of intimacy
The origin of the marriage
The promiscuity and its consequences

Retracing the history of matriarchy

Polyandry - is this just curious?
Woman and the art of the Palaeolithic
The neolithic cult of femininity

  • The primitive religion and sexuality
  • The cult of fertility in full bloom

The struggle over the shape of marriage

Group marriages
Arranged marriages and a rapid ones
The collective benefits of a marriage
Overwhelming power of masculinity

  • Unexpected effects of an animal husbandry
  • The birth of the patriarchal ideology

Poligynia, that is, unilateral monogamy
Mutual monogamy

Do we must to love?

The evolution and the love
What is the love?

Love under the loupe of psychologists

About the love in a theoretical way
Some remarks on the theory of love
Can we to explore the love?

Eroticism in Antiquity

At the root of a civilization
The legacy of the Sumerians, and not just
Asia Minor and the Hittites
The peoples of the ancient Levant
Sex in the shadow of the Pyramids

Homo eroticus

The basic bibliography
List of illustrations

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